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Butler is Sabretooth?


Gerard Butler Though it's been reported that Kiwi man-candy Karl Urban would be playing the role of Wolverine nemesis Sabretooth in the upcoming Wolvie origin flick X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, the boys are now saying that Urban has been replaced by currently go-to man-meat tough guy Gerard Butler.

Physically, he's not so much a match for the feral sociopath Victor Creed but Butler can unleash quite the guttural roar and we've seen how vicious he can be on the cinematic battlefield so maybe he's not so bad a choice.

Either way, this whole strike business has thrown things all out of wack so we could have Dustin Diamond playing Sabretooth if things don't resolve speedily. Moreover, Butler has got a lot of things on his plate to keep him busy, including the Guy Ritchie crime flick ROCK'N'ROLLA and the CRANK directors' follow-up, the action thriller GAME.

In other surprising but excellent casting news, the CHUD boys are also saying that WOLVERINE director Gavin Hood wants Natalie Portman for a role in the film. Let's go ahead and make sure that happens, huh, Gavy?

Extra Tidbit: Sabretooth first appeared in "Iron Fist" #14.
Source: CHUD



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