Butler sails to Island

Another day, another new project for post-300 superstar Gerard Butler. Just yesterday Butler signed on to star in the sci-fi thriller GAME from the directors of CRANK and today we get word that he's going in 180 degrees for his next project. Butler has signed on to co-star in the family adventure NIM'S ISLAND with Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin. Butler won't play anyone from any kind of post-apocalyptic future but a father who lives with his daughter on a tropical island. The young girl contacts her favorite author (Foster) who helps the pair fight a company who wants to turn their island into a tourist spot. NIM'S is based on the kids book of the same name by Wendy Orr and was adapted by Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin who will also direct. Filming on NIM'S is scheduled to begin this July in Australia (he'll begin shooting GAME early next year). Butler can be seen next in the romantic drama PS, I LOVE YOU with Hilary Swank.

Extra Tidbit: Orr is already working on a sequel to the first NIM'S book.
Source: Variety



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