Butler vs. Dexter?

Before he pokes out an eye (and probably a few of ours) for the needless remake of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, brawny Scotsman Gerard Butler is teaming with the CRANK filmmakers (and obvious videogame addicts) for what will no doubt be an adrenaline-pumping experience called GAME.

In the futuristic flick, Butler will play Kable, the top competitor in the online multiplayer game Slayers where players mind-control other actual humans. And according to CHUD, he'll be dealing with a Slayer from cable -- Michael C. Hall, the murderiffic star of Showtime's outstanding serial killer series DEXTER. The former SIX FEET UNDER mortician (who hasn't bothered with features since PAYCHECK, and who can really blame him) will reportedly play the villain behind the whole twisted scenario.

Butler is clearly making the best of his recent fame -- besides his Plissken plans, he's also making NIM'S ISLAND, the Guy Ritchie gangster movie ROCKnROLLA and a prequel to THE UNTOUCHABLES. As for the crazy CRANK craftsmen Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, their medical thriller PATHOLOGY arrives in theaters next month.
Extra Tidbit: Judging by a quick count of body bags in the season two premiere, Dexter's body count is well over 30.
Source: CHUD



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