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Many of you already know the back-story to this film, which was directed by Christian Viel, co-executive produced by yours truly and which was written, co-produced and stars John Fallon (aka Arrow) from our very own ARROW IN THE HEAD. If you don't, CLICK HERE and scroll down to the HEADLINES section for all kinds of stories about it. Well, the film is finally seeing the light of day on DVD today, so if you're interested in seeing what these major fans of '80s vigilante flicks created on a micro-budget, click on the cover below and make your purchase on Amazon.com.

The version on Amazon is "unrated", but actually has been cut by 4 minutes (the goriest stuff, I imagine -- mostly the opening rape sequence, I think). If you're interested in the uncut version, you can always purchase the LIMITED EDITION right here. Whatever version you want, you can be sure of one thing: this will likely be the last DEADEN story you see on our site for a while...or at least until DEADEN 2: THE RETURN OF JOBLO! (I have a small cameo in the film...hehehe).

Extra Tidbit: Pictures of horror personalities Tony Timpone, Eric Red, Patrick Lussier and others can be seen as mugshots on the Police Station wall during the film. Also, the Arrow's younger brother plays a baddie in the movie. Go Pat!
Source: Amazon.com



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