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We ran a similar ad for a movie items auction back in December, and starting today and tomorrow (March 27-28), there is yet another such live auction, during which anyone can made a bid to own a piece of movie history (I "won" a bid for a piece of JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK last time). If you're one of those people who has some money burning a hole in their wallet, or you're looking to jack up your movie gear for upcoming SHOW US YOUR SHIT columns, Ebay Auctions is the place to be, as they are auctioning off thousands of cinematic items, including a TON of extra-cool stuff including (click HERE to download a catalogue of all items):

  • Robert Duval's outfit from APOCALYPSE NOW
  • Michael Keaton's Batman outfit from BATMAN RETURNS, as well as Chris O'Donnell's outfit from BATMAN & ROBIN (including the nipples!!)
  • A ton of creatures, puppets and miniatures used in films like JURASSIC PARK, ALIENS and GALAXY QUEST
  • Han Solo's f*ckin' gun from RETURN OF THE JEDI (~ $20,000)
  • Haley Joel Osment's robotic head from A.I.
  • The "Book of the Dead" cover and page from THE EVIL DEAD
  • Wesley Snipes' costume from BLADE
  • Michael Myers' stunt knife from HALLOWEEN 4
  • Drew Barrymore's sarong from 50 FIRST DATES (~ $300)
  • And much much more....

The auction will take place over 2 days, with the first day (March 27th) featuring mostly old-school photos and posters (pre-1960s). Friday, March 28th will be the big enchilada with everything you ever wanted from cool movies and more. CLICK HERE to see all items listed for March 27th and CLICK HERE to see all items listed for March 28th. GOOD LUCK if you bid!!

See VIDEO of some of the cooler items below...



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