Buy movie items!!!

It's not every day that we, as movie fans, can take part in a live auction to purchase cool items from actual films, but apparently today is such a day. If you're one of those people who has some money burning a hole in their wallet, or you're looking to jack up your movie gear for upcoming SHOW US YOUR SHIT columns (or to purchase an unforgettable Christmas gift for your movie-geek pal), Ebay Auctions is the place to be today, as they are auctioning off thousands of cinematic items, including a TON of extra-cool stuff like:

  • an alien costume with mask from CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND
  • a Christopher Reeve cape from SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE
  • Sam Jackson's light-saber from the STAR WARS flicks
  • Yoda's f*ckin' cane (starting at $2500)
  • the T-1000 costume from TERMINATOR 2 (starting at $3000)
  • Peter Weller's bulletproof jacket from ROBOCOP
  • Freddy Krueger's glove (starting at $300)
  • Neo's coat from MATRIX RELOADED and even stuff like...
  • a "Marilyn Monroe medication bottle dated 1957" (expected to fetch $2000-3000).

But don't worry, it's not just really expensive stuff as many of the items are actually marked at $100 or thereabouts, like a Daily Planet newspaper from the original SUPERMAN movie going for $600, a miniature spinner from BLADE RUNNER starting at $100 and a bunch of cool Kevin Smith movies-related items, almost all of which are starting under $1000 (including the Eliza Dushku catsuit from JAY & SILENT BOB... and the Rosario Dawson camisole from CLERKS 2), and all of which you can check out HERE. I'm putting a couple of bids in on Smith items, as well as SLEEPY HOLLOW and STARSHIP TROOPERS.

One of the top items of the day will be the "screen-used endoskeleton figure from TERMINATOR 2" which is looking to nab around $100,000, and the "screen-used full-scale T-Rex head from JURASSIC PARK" which looking to nab around $80,000. And if I had the money, I'd also try and take a stab at "Teddy the bear from Steven Spielberg's A.I.", but $12,000 is a little more than I could spend...uhhhh, yeah! CLICK HERE to see the entire list of auctioned items and GOOD LUCK if you bid!!

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