Buy the Terminator?

Have a couple million bucks lying around? Why not buy a dying franchise? If you're just swimming around your giant money pit spitting gold coins into air, you might want to pool your money and buy the TERMINATOR franchise rights. The Financial Times (via Coming Soon) is reporting that the rights to the future of the TERMINATOR franchise is going on auction later this month.

So what do you get for all your money? Well you don't get the rights to any of the previous TERMINATOR films but you would get the rights to make new films (preferably without McG directing). A number of buyers are already interested including almost all the major studios with Sony Pictures emerging as the top candidate. Also interested are a number of other equity companies including Platinum Equity and Media Rights Capital.

The rights are being sold by Halcyon who's desperately in debt after spending a good chunk of their own money on the TERMINATOR SALVATION video game (never a good idea, especially for a game as shitty as that one was). The question is how much the rights are worth after a recent TV series based on the films was just canceled and the last movie was a box-office disappointment.

Extra Tidbit: I wish some wealthy philanthropist would just buy the rights just so that no more bad TERMINATOR movies get made.
Source: Financial Times



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