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Buying movies and hanging with I Am Number Four star Jake Abel!


Last year at the MTV Movie Awards, was on the red carpet waiting for anybody to interview. After all, we were pretty much on the pay no mind list when it came to our placement for the awards. And then came our man Jake Abel (PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF, THE LOVELY BONES) and made the day sorta rule.

Ever since the awards, we’ve been looking to hang out with this talented dude. Thankfully, with the release of I AM NUMBER FOUR; we found our window of opportunity was wide open.

With cameraman extraordinaire, Rusty, we made our way to what is arguably the greatest record store ever, Amoeba Records in Hollywood. The plan was, meet with Jake and spend some buckage. Everything went accordingly, including a few awesome purchases.

Mr. Abel is not only is a great actor, he is also a super cool cat with great taste in film. While shopping, we talked about playing a “dick” and working with the great DJ Caruso. We also chatted a little about sci-fi flicks, including a few guilty pleasures. While mine isn’t on camera, Jake and Rusty most definitely will use it against me at some point.

So check out this exclusive as we chill out with Jake Abel at what is arguably the coolest record store on the planet. Thanks Mr. Abel for being a fan of and just an all around awesome guy!




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