Cabin In the Woods double feature: a threat from Joss Whedon and sequel talk

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I'm glad that Joss Whedon acknowledged that this is actually more of a reward than a threat, because this definitely does sound like something I want rather than something which would dissuade me from spoiling his movie.  But perhaps that's because I'm just a complete Whedon fanboy.

As for "sequel talk," I more meant the very vague sort of discussion that happens with any movie that receives rave reviews across the board.  Now that we've got my little caveat out of the way, here's what Joss had to say: "Drew and I, we have no artistic integrity. We also built that world so grandly in our minds that we often do go, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could do the bit where …’ There’s definitely more to be told in that story, but right now we’re both very fixated on, ‘We hope somebody likes it, and of course pays to come see it.’ But there’s always a bridge there to cross. We definitely didn’t come into this going, ‘Oh, we have an idea for a franchise.’ We came in going, ‘We have three acts.’ Which is more than any writer usually gets. That’s a gift.'" 

So, to be fair, this really is just a confirmation from Whedon that if the movie does well and a sequel is commissioned, then there's an organic place he and Drew Goddard can take it.  They won't be coming into a pitch meeting with a story that they've somehow forced to work in the world of the movie.  Which is certainly encouraging in its own right, right?

CABIN IN THE WOODS gleefully confounds your expectations April 13th.

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