Cage adventure set

While everyone is getting ready to start their New Years Eve, someone is somewhere playing with the Nicolas Cage Adventure Playset.

Oh, you heard correctly. Do you remember Colorforms? They were the books that came with the vinyl stickers, and you could set the scene however you wanted. Well, this is basically the same thing.

Mr. Cage comes with a double sided backdrop: haunted and tropical. There are also nine vinyl stickers, including 3 full body ones. Notice how each Nic Cage comes with a different hairstyle. RAISING ARIZONA crazy hair not included. Make the actor do whatever you want him to do. Should he fight off a parrot with a battle axe? Or go on an ice cream date with Death?

It's all in your hands. Why not start the year off with Cage starring in a crappy movie you created? Click the picture to check out more from the wonderful Brandon Bird.

Extra Tidbit: Happy New Year awesome movie fans! You guys have been really great. Can't wait to report on what's coming in 2010!
Source: Brandon Bird



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