Cage does Capone

Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage isn't one to make the "safe" career choice. Truth be told, he isn't one to make any choice at all - his agent throws a contract in front of him, he ensures there's a suitable number attached to his salary, signs it and sometime before the end of production he gets around to actually reading the script (at least this sequence of events would explain some of his choices). The latest contract to fall on his desk is for the role of Al Capone in director Brian DePalma's CAPONE RISING, a sequel to his 1987 hit THE UNTOUCHABLES. According to the MTV Movies Blog, the eccentric, recently skull-flamed actor is keen on stepping into the role made famous by a bat-wielding Robert DeNiro. The story centers on the early days of notorious mob boss Al Capone and his early dealings with Irish cop Jimmy Malone. Production is scheduled to begin in October. Cage can next be seen in the sci fi thriller NEXT and the sequel NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS.

Extra Tidbit: Cage was offered the role of Green Goblin/Norman Osborn in SPIDER-MAN.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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