Cage has Vanished

Nicolas Cage has signed on to star in the indie thriller THE VANISHED for Focus Features. In the film, Cage will star as father searching for his American-born Muslim son who went missing overseas. The film will mark the feature directorial debut of Hany Abu-Assad, Palestinian director of PARADISE NOW. The script was written by Larysa Kondracki and Eilis Kirwan who wrote the HBO movie THE WHISTLE BLOWER. This all sounds well and good but they need to reconsider that title. I don't want anything that even remotely reminds me of that Jeff Bridges/Keifer Sutherland THE VANISHING. Cage is scheduled to begin filming the project this spring after he wraps production on THE WRESTLER for Darren Aronofsky. He's got a number of projects on the way including , BANGKOK DANGEROUS and thankfully no GHOST RIDER 2. (Think really hard before you send that angry e-mail defending GHOST RIDER...)

Extra Tidbit: Abu-Assad was nominated for an Oscar for PARADISE NOW.
Source: Variety



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