Cage in Bangkok

I've got to admit - I completely forgot that Nicolas Cage had signed on to star in a remake of BANGKOK DANGEROUS. It was only last year that I wrote that article up on this site but the production has flown so low under the radar, I haven't thought about it since. But today we have our first look at the film through a gallery of stills that have popped up online. My initial reaction is that I'm still skeeved out by that long hair he was also sporting in NEXT and nothing here jumps out at me like I gotta see this movie. There are a lot of standard Nic Cage faces though, which could lead to more of this and that's gotta be a good thing ("How'd it get burned?!?!"). BANGKOK, the second American feature directed by the Pang brothers (remaking their own original film), doesn't seem to have a release yet but you can take a look some pics by clicking on the shots below.

Extra Tidbit: This film also goes by the title TIME TO KILL and BIG HIT IN BANGKOK.
Source: Film Flash



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