Cage in Kick-Ass

Nicolas Cage's character in KICK-ASS, Big Daddy has finally been revealed.

He bares a certain resemblance to another superhero that kicks ass, none other than the dark knight himself, Batman. Cage's suit is a good mixed knock off of each of the Batman suits from the movies. The Bats look a like could very well be the reason that we haven't seen Big Daddy in any footage or trailers. Maybe they thought it would cause a bit of confusion amongst viewers.

I've been on and off lately about how I feel about Nic Cage. However, this new clip makes me think that Cage hasn't completely fallen off yet. Mindy Macready/Hit-girl (Chloe Moretz) is learning how to take a bullet from her Dad (Cage). Any girl is lucky to have a Father that would shoot her straight in the chest. Too bad we have to wait to see it til April 16, 2010 to see the rest of the movie.

Extra Tidbit: So, is Cage still on the verge of bankruptcy? Is that why he decided to do SEASON OF THE WITCH?
Source: UGO Movie Blog



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