Cage passes on Hornet

Cae's big bird head

I'm glad for Nic Cage if he starts choosing his roles a little more carefully (he actually looks good in KICK ASS), but he's still trying to churn out 2 or 3 a year as if his career is in jeopardy (is it?...), so seeing him off a big project itself already shaky isn't necessarily a bad thing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cage won't be part of THE GREEN HORNET as villain Mr.X. Not that he's off it, since he never actually signed on; he was simply in final negotiations, and he elected to concentrate on THE HUNGRY RABBIT JUMPS whose title alone makes me interested. Then he's got DRIVE ANGRY (in 3D...) , and God knows how many others within a 12-month period... Just stay away from Marvel, Nic. 'kay?

No news yet on who's being sought to play the non-Cage part in HORNET, but things aren't alarming yet even though the film is already in production. The part of Mr. X seemingly isn't a large one, even if pivotal. Maybe it's a chance to either boost anticipation for the film by getting a big name, or boost quality by getting a good one. Top of my head, I say Pat Swayze.

Extra Tidbit: "The Nic Cage Show" was probably the only funny part of Aaron Sorkin's short-lived "Studio 60".



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