Cage talks sequels

Considering how many movies he makes, it's a little surprising that Nic Cage doesn't have more "franchise" characters. But there's one he's intent on turning into one, regardless of who cares about seeing it.

Comic fan Cage seems certain the fire-skulled biker GHOST RIDER will be back for another flaming ride, and is even willing to spill the concept of this theoretical sequel. "It looks like it will take place in Europe and the character will work with the [Catholic] Church," he tells MTV. "It’ll be a completely new experience. It’s exciting."

Yeeeahhh, okay. In more likely news, he also says that his sequelized history hunter from NATIONAL TREASURE is on track for more hidden prizes, possibly in the South, "maybe in New Orleans", according to Cage.

If there was any single character in Cage's irregular filmography I'd like to see again, it's probably Castor Troy -- I don't know how or why he'd return, I just need FACE/OFF 2.

Extra Tidbit: The Big Easy was where Cage's directing debut SONNY took place.
Source: MTV



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