Cage thinks he's Fly?

It's been a while since we heard anything about the latest remake of THE FLY -- I thought it was deader than Geena Davis' film career, but then something like this comes out of nowhere.

Apparently Nic Cage is going around saying he'd love to be in the new "re-imagining". David Cronenberg, the wonderfully demented mind behind the gooey 80s version of the sci-fi tale, is (no lie) planning to direct an opera of his brilliant sticky film but seems to be "in the know" on the intended movie remake. He says that Cage and his amorphous hairline are interested in taking over for Jeff Goldblum as the new Brundle replacement.

Of course, this doesn't actually mean much -- the project has been silent since it was initially brought to Fox Searchlight a few years back by writer-director Todd Lincoln, who (as far as I know) has moved on to adapting the horror comic HACK/SLASH. And Cage is constantly bumping his gums about movies he'd love to be part of (he made public mention of wanting to star in the OLDBOY remake)... but this sure would be fascinating casting. Or maybe he's just looking for revenge against the bees.

Thanks to Jessica S. for the tip!

Extra Tidbit: Cage's only feature directing credit is the New Orleans gigolo story SONNY, which starred Spidey-hater James Franco.
Source: PR Inside



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