Cage's Next trailer

I gotta hand it to Nic Cage - as bad as GHOST RIDER was, he was actually one of the few good things about it. He had that "damn it's fun to be playing Ghost Rider!" vibe about him. I do wish he'd take a break from these blockbusters to remind everyone what a great actor he is (it was just four years ago he was nominated for an Oscar) but his next movie is the action-thriller NEXT. In the movie he stars as a Las Vegas magician who has the ability to see just a few minutes into the future. He's sought out by a government agent (Julianne Moore) who's seeking his help to stop an upcoming terrorist attack. And Jessica Biel looks hot. Color me not impressed by this trailer. I'm having deja vu for DEJA VU. The film is based on the short story "The Golden Man" by Philip K. Dick. NEXT is scheduled for release on April 27th, a sort of early kick-off to the summer season (where just one week later it will get trampled by SPIDER-MAN 3). Click here to head to Apple's page to view the Quicktime trailer.

Extra Tidbit: It was following this movie's shoot that director Lee Tamahori was arrested for soliciting a prostitute while dressed as a woman.
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