Cameron Crowe gets Patrick Fugit and Elle Fanning for We Bought A Zoo

Three actors have joined Cameron Crowe's WE BOUGHT A ZOO.

Patrick Fugit and Elle Fanning have signed on for the film. This is not the first Crowe movie for Fugit who was cast as the younger version of the director for ALMOST FAMOUS back in 2000. There's no word yet on which character he will be playing.

Fanning will play the role of Lily, a 13-year old who works in the zoo's restaurant. Since she is too young to be working legally, she receives money under the table and lives on the property. Her only parental figure is Kelly, from whom Lily learns to be comfortable with the animals. Lily is immediately fascinated with the zoo's owner Benjamin (Damon) and becomes really flirtatious. Colin Ford (PUSH) is circling a role for the film as well.

Deadline is already throwing Scarlett Johansson's name out as the clear winner for the lead female role of Kelly. Nothing has been announced in regards to this role though. Last we heard she was still battling it out with other actresses for the part. We announced yesterday that Thomas Haden Church nabbed a role too. He will be playing Benjamin's brother, Duncan.

Extra Tidbit: I want Rachel McAdams more than Scarlett Johansson.
Source: Deadline



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