Cameron Diaz's Bad Teacher ready to get Punch-ed

Cameron Diaz isn't the first actress I think of when I think of a raunchy black comedy but she'll be starring in the upcoming BAD TEACHER for director Jake Kasdan (ORANGE COUNTY). Now she's got herself a nemesis in the film. British actress Lucy Punch (HOT FUZZ) has signed on to co-star in the film as the goody two-shoes teacher at the school. The film will star Diaz as Elizabeth Halsey, a foul-mouthed middle school teacher who is trying to woo one of her fellow teachers. She meets some resistance in model teacher Amy Squirrel (great name).

While I've never really been a huge fan of Cameron Diaz, I kinda like how she's handling this new era of her career. She accepted playing a mother of a middle-school kid in THE BOX and now an evil schoolteacher. They always say that ageism is a big issue for female actresses but I think that's only if you want to keep playing the same kind of roles. Sandra Bullock has done it well and Diaz looks to be doing the same thing. Keep it fresh. As for Punch, she can be seen next in the Steve Carell/Paul Rudd comedy DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS.

Extra Tidbit: Coincidentally Punch played a teacher on the shortlived CBS series "The Class."
Source: THR



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