Cameron Diaz's box

If Richard Kelly wants to work in this town again, he’s got some proving-himself to do. A hit film will only take you so far. Just ask Michael Cimino. He’s lucky the critical and financial disaster that was THE SOUTHLAND TALES didn’t completely derail his career, and that he’s got another shot at success with his next, more mainstream film THE BOX. The box in question is what you see below, and it is a stranger (Frank Langella) who brings it to Norma Lewis' (Diaz) front door, with an offer to her and her husband, played by the reliable James Marsden. Press the button on the box, and you will get the money needed to save your sick son. But elsewhere, someone else will die.

The story is based on a short tale by Richard Matheson (who wrote I AM LEGEND) called BUTTON,BUTTON. I have high hopes for this movie, and think that it will not only rescue Richard Kelly’s career, but Cameron Diaz’s too, because getting by on ass-shots and pratfalls can only take you so far.

Extra Tidbit: "My hope is to make a film that is incredibly suspenseful and broadly commercial, while still retaining my artistic sensibility." -Richard Kelly on THE BOX.
Source: TwitchFilm



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