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I've made it a bit of a point to avoid a lot of the promotional stuff for James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi epic AVATAR, not because I'm not excited to see it (as the days creep closer I find myself looking forward to it more and more), but mainly because EPK-type material is always missing some form of genuineness in its presentation. It is after all, promotional (i.e. meant to sell). This goes for any film. As a result, I've become wary of what I take in.

On the other hand though, if you find me something like a one-on-one interview where a filmmaker is speaking very candidly and honestly and not reciting what feels like notes, then by all means let me have it.

Below is an interview Cameron gave to a French outlet, and in it he speaks about the completion of the film, 3D, and the overall approach and philosophy to his own filmmaking process. It's refreshing and intelligent, and I figured it'd be something you guys would dig.

Extra Tidbit: What the heck is up with that Leona Lewis song, though?



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