Cameron on board for True Lies TV series? What the...?

I should preface this by saying that no, this news does not come from Tom Arnold, so we might actually want to take it seriously.

Deadline is reporting that James Cameron is heading to the small screen to produce a TV series based on TRUE LIES. I can't quite believe I just wrote that sentence.

As you may recall, after TITANIC was a big hit, James Cameron co-created an exec produced another TV series, DARK ANGEL, which introduced us to a young(er) Jessica Alba. That series didn't particularly catch on for very long, but LIES is much different story as it has a fan base built-in.

But isn't that fan-base loyal toward Arnold? Unless Cameron freezes over hell and convinces Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in a primetime TV series, I have a hard time thinking this is going to be a good idea.

Cameron takes years and even decades to get his work perfect. How are his ideas going to turn out which set to a very strict TV episode schedule? And just what is this show going to be about? Just an action/comedy about a spy and his wife? And many don't realize that at the time, TRUE LIES was the most expensive movie ever made at $100-$120M. What happens when Cameron isn't given unlimited money to execute his vision?

Extra Tidbit: So Burn Notice with even more of a comedic bent? And Tom Arnold instead of Bruce Campbell?
Source: Deadline



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