Cameron on T4

Remember back when director McG claimed that TERMINATOR-creator James Cameron had given his "blessing" on TERMINATOR SALVATION?

That may not have actually been true, but Cameron did finally get around to seeing the movie that further diluted the fantastic cyborg franchise he created. Even though it sort of sounds like he subjected himself to it out of respect for his AVATAR star Sam Worthington.

As he tells UGO's Movie Blog: "I think Sam is remarkable in the film because, well, I think Sam is remarkable in anything he does."

Cameron gives McG a pseudo-compliment, but thinks he was "almost too referential to the mythos of the first and second film. He over-quoted them in a way? It didn't feel to me to be enough of a reinvention. I mean the thing we did with the second film is that we reinvented the first film completely; spun it on its ass and made the Terminator the good guy, and came up with a whole new concept for a villain, it felt fresh. I didn't feel the fourth picture was fresh enough."

As for his own iconic Austrian automaton, Cameron says SALVATION "lacked a certain stamp of authenticity because Arnold wasn't in it. I mean, he was in it briefly, digitally, but that's not the same thing."

Extra Tidbit: Would SALVATION's supposed original ending (with Connor becoming a cyborg) have improved the movie?
Source: UGO Movie Blog



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