Cameron shows Avatar

James Cameron is getting ready to screen a bunch of footage from AVATAR. No, not at Comic-Con (though he will be doing that next Thursday), he's actually showing some footage sooner. Like tomorrow. Wanna know how you can get it? OK, here it is: you can't.

That was a cruel tease, I know, but tomorrow's screening of 20-minutes of AVATAR is for big-wig exhibitors only. Heads of big movie chains like AMC, Regal or Cinemark. Fox and Cameron are bringing them to Los Angeles to show them 3D spectacle that is AVATAR in hopes of getting the most amount of 3D screens available by the time the film opens in December (the biggest theater near me, a 16-screen AMC multiplex, still doesn't have 3D capability). In addition to screening the film's footage (presumably the same footage we'll see next week in San Diego), Cameron will stick around to answer any questions and try to help beat the 3D drum. Will it work? Maybe all of Cameron's research was to find a way to hypnotize people through film and pretty soon he really will be the King of the World...

Extra Tidbit: AVATAR has a budget of over $240 million. That craft services table must be HUGE.
Source: LA Times



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