Cameron's next Voyage

After his grand alien epic AVATAR, apparently James Cameron is actually taking things down to a really, really small scale. Next alien world: the human interior!

Despite the recent rumors that the otherworld-maker would be tackling a sci-fi "event" movie called DOOMSDAY PROTOCOL, now we have further clarification on his planned project, and it's fantastic. Literally.

In fact, it's a 3D remake of 1966 sci-fi flick FANTASTIC VOYAGE. MTV spoke with Cameron and producer Jon Landau at AVATAR's UK premiere, and learned that Cameron will indeed be in charge of the update's unlikely science and microscopic ships... but only in the role of producer. (UPDATE: This has since been corroborated by Variety.)

The original movie involved a team of scientists (including slinky supergoddess Raquel Welch) who miniaturize themselves and travel inside an injured diplomat to perform some internal surgery. Inside the bloodstream they must contend with antibodies, sabotage and funky Coolio remixes.

Given Cameron's knowledge, sci-fi acumen and technological filmmaking advancements, this thing could look astonishingly cool (possibly more than INNERSPACE?).

Extra Tidbit: Cameron was involved with a FANTASTIC VOYAGE remake years ago, but ultimately handed it over to global deconstructor Roland Emmerich (who had also been attached to the project a decade earlier).
Source: MTV



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