Campbell is Unstoppable

Martin Campbell (CASINO ROYALE) is in negotiations to direct UNSTOPPALE, a film Fox hopes can be one of their next summer blockbusters. The film follows a runaway train loaded with toxic chemicals and the race to try and stop it. Now you might ask why, in this remake crazy world we live in, they wouldn't just remake RUNAWAY TRAIN and update the concept. Especially considering this project was originally titled RUNAWAY TRAIN... Campbell steps in to replace Robert Schwentke (FLIGHTPLAN) who had originally been attached to direct the film. The script was written by Mark Bomback (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) for Fox a few years back. The film is on the fast track (put most definitely intended) and Campbell could make it his next film. The director is deciding whether he wants to return to direct BOND 22. He originally said no way but has softened that stance in recent months.

Extra Tidbit: I originally thought this film might be a JUGGERNAUT spin-off film but I guess that's not happening...
Source: Variety



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