Campbell's Miracle

Naomi Campbell has taken a break from her busy schedule of being professionally good-looking and wipping ass to take a role in Spike Lee's upcoming war movie THE MIRACLE AT ST ANNA. I'll give you one guess what the movie is about. Yeah, the film will be a look at a regiment of black soldiers stationed in Tuscany during World War II. Campbell said "It's a very very small role but it involves subject matter that I'm really passionate about...it's a subject that nobody has ever touched upon... There are all the war time films of course but you never see a black soldier in any of them. I'll do anything for Spike and I really think we should be more educated about the role of people of colour in our history." Can this broad act? I have no idea. Although I did see her in that video for 'Nasty Girl' and she somehow, in a room filled with Nelly, P. Diddy and Usher, delivered the worst performance of the bunch. Hopefully Spike Lee will get her ass into gear for this thing. If nothing else at least it'll be realistic, I think Naomi Campbell could do some damage on a warfield, no joke.
Extra Tidbit: Campbell was once engaged to U2 bassist, Adam Clayton.
Source: Vogue



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