CAN: Panda red carpet!

Yesterday was the first big whoop of Cannes 2008, the photo call and the red carpet premiere for Dreamworks' KUNG FU PANDA! Now I tried to enroll myself in the photo call Press but to no avail, places were limited hence I had to do this the old fashion way. NO SOUP FOR ME!

Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, directors John Stevenson & Mark Osborne, producer Melissa Cobb, and co-producers/screenwriters Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger, we're all on hand, posing for pics. Jolie was as pregnant as they come (she got twins in her belly from Mr. Pitt) but still looked ravishing while Dustin Hoffman was having a blast, posing silly on a table and even going as far as picking up a camera and jumping in the sea of photographers to have his picture taken with them. NOTE TO SELF: Next party I have, invite Dustin Hoffman, the lad's a blast!

Hoffman waxing that table with his tush!

Hoffman and Black introduce us to more Pitts to come!

One question resonated in my hollow noggin throughout though: where's BRAD PITT? I had heard he was going to be present but no sign of Mr. What's in the Box just yet. Then the red carpet went down. Want to talk over crowded? This was the place! People were tussling, flashes going off left and right and I'm sure some dude grabbed my ass within the chaos (Bastard!). Twas MADNESS! The limos finally arrived and the stars stepped out and I got as close to the stairs as I could and snapped away. Alas, other than the top of people's heads, I didn't get Jack all!

You see anybody famous? Neither do I!

I then remembered what JoBlo used to do as a last resort. He'd go inside the Palais to see them walk in or/and take pics of the TV screens. So I ran to the Palais door, got in a verbal sparring match with the guard (I was in a hurry, he sure wasn't) and finally got inside. By the time I got though, the A List folks were already in the movie theatre, hence I had no other choice but to snap pics of the TV sets. Bugh. Suddenly though, who do I see walk on in the theatre looking like a million bucks and change? BRAD PITT! Seems the lad was late (babysitting duties I heard) and joined Jolie on the red carpet outside while I was inside! The man did the "wave thing" sat down with his better half and then the film started.

Here they are!

Twins eh? Good work Brad!!!

Once back outside, I looked up too see a huge still of Angelina Jolie staring back at me from a mammoth screen. WOW! How can somebody stay sane and grounded when being revered and worshiped like these people are is beyond me? And why aren't they putting out a huge still of Jolie's milkmaids on that screen? I'd pay to see that! COME ON! After my self reflecting was over, I walked back to my pad and began prepping myself for today. On my menu? Will be seeing the MIKE TYSON documentary TYSON and the Woody Allen sure to be neurotic fest VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. Also word on the street is that they're sending me some back-up to cover this fine fest - let's see how that plays out. Arrow out!

King size Jolie!

Great weekend to all! More Cannes 08 goods on Monday!


Source: JoBlo.com



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