Cancer sucks.

Not that we need any more reason to be depressed today, the day before the 7th anniversary of September 11th, but sadly I have just the thing to thoroughly bum you out. While it does start off with Tom Green, it's not FREDDY GOT FINGERED, though I can see where that would really ruin your day. This is a short documentary from Academy Award winning director Errol Morris (FOG OF WAR) for the Stand Up To Cancer campaign.

The initiative is designed to bring awareness and funds to new breakthroughs in cancer research. We can all agree that cancer bites the big one and I'm sure everyone reading this has been touched in some way by The Big C (we lost the elder Garabedian earlier this year). It's an insanely saddening clip but hopefully one that won't make you want to curl up under the covers with a box of Kleenex crying away the afternoon, but instead make you want to charge out and kick cancer in the balls.

Check out the documentary short "Survivors" below and then head to the Stand Up To Cancer website to learn more.

Extra Tidbit: F*ck you cancer.
Source: SU2C



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