Cannes films are...

If you've been reading JoBlo.com for any period of time, you know our coverage of the Cannes Film Festival can't be beat. Our boys JoBlo and Arrow hit the town, hit it hard and come back with tons of reports on early movies, Salma Hayek, parties, Salma Hayek, gossip and...well, more Salma Hayek. This year, I'm not sure whether Salma will be in attendance but there are some films already confirmed. Here's a quick list of films that are a definite for Cannes:

- WE OWN THE NIGHT starring Mark Wahlberg, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert Duvall and Eva Mendes
- NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN directed by the Coen brothers and starring Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin
- U2 3-D, the U2 documentary directed by Mark Pellington (THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES)
- ZODIAC directed by David Fincher
- Selected scenes from New Line's THE GOLDEN COMPASS
- OCEAN'S THIRTEEN starring pretty much everyone
- An extended DEATH PROOF from Quentin Tarantino
- Martin Scorsese's untitled Rolling Stones documentary

Other films rumored but not yet confirmed are Michael Moore's SICKO, Wong Kar Wai's MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS, Woody Allen's CASSANDRA'S DREAM and Todd Haynes' I'M NOT THERE. The full schedule will be released in two weeks and the festival kicks off on May 16.

Source: Variety



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