Cannes lineup

The lineup for the 60th Festival de Cannes (by the way, fighting the urge to say "Cannes" in Kirk-voice is nearly impossible) was announced today, with some major filmmakers bringing their goods to the beachside French city where our own honcho, JoBlo himself, will find himself next month for coverage of all things celluloid and scantily clad. Lucky dog. Without a leash!

Among the films in prize contention are Wong Kar Wai's MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS, Fincher's ZODIAC, the cop thriller WE OWN THE NIGHT (with Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg), the Coens' NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, and Tarantino's newly beefed DEATH PROOF (listed at 1 hour and 50 minutes, a good bit longer than the GRINDHOUSE version, as rumored).

Other films being shown outside competition include OCEAN'S 13 and Michael Moore's newest muckraker SICKO. You can find the whole lineup RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Tarantino won the Palmes D'Or award for PULP FICTION at Cannes in 1994, and served as President of the jury in 2004.
Source: Cannes



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