Cap America flick

It's been a long time coming, but finally we can confirm that Marvel Studios' next 'independently financed' project will be a new movie for CAPTAIN AMERICA. On the set of IRON MAN, Studio president Kevin Feige announced said that "We'll have to play with Captain America as being a patriotic propoganda machine on one hand but also being a very human Steve Rogers, ... [an] interesting, fascinating hero in his own right". David Self (ROAD TO PERDITION) is currently working on the script.

I'm all for this, I think Cap is a great character, even with the ra ra America stuff. When asked about whether the flick would be contemporary or set back in World War II, he said that "right now what we're developing would be about half and half". I'm not really sure how that would work, is he going to receive the Super-Soldier formula and then be cryogenically frozen? Whatever, so long as it makes sense to me I can deal with it. Hell, I gave DAREDEVIL the benefit of the doubt. Question now is, who'd we like to see play the guy?
Extra Tidbit: Captain America actually was - in at least one comic book found - frozen and preserved in a huge block of ice.
Source: SciFi Wire



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