CapAm starts in June

I’m growing increasingly puzzled about the lack of any info about the CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, allegedly slated to come out just after THOR in 2011. THOR has everyone down to Valhalla’s gardeners cast at this point, whereas CAPTAIN doesn’t even have the title role filled. Or even really RUMORS of having the title role filled.

But one tiny morsel of information came loose during director Joe Johnston’s interview with Fangoria.

"… recalls Johnston, speaking from the art department of The First Avenger: Captain America, which he's readying for a June start."

Hooray! A start date! For reference, THOR starts shooting in January, but as I said, it’s got a full script and cast where CAPTAIN AMERICA is presumably still working up a list of all the blonde actors in Hollywood. Hopefully we’ll start hearing more about this soon, otherwise I feel like we’re definitely going to see the project being pushed back.

Extra Tidbit: I’m curious to see how they’re going to choreograph shield-centric fight scenes.
Source: Fangoria



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