Caplan in Hot Tub

Lizzy Caplan Smoking hot brunette v-juice addict Lizzy Caplan along with Crispin Glover and Sebastian Stan have joined John Cusack and Rob Corddry in the sci fi comedy HOT TUB TIME MACHINE. In it, a group of friends go back to a ski lodge where they partied as teens and end up being transported back to 1987 through a hot tub. Caplan will be playing Cusack's character's love interest (does it seem like Cusack's pulling a Woody Allen these days and skewing a little young with his love interests?) with Glover playing a one-armed, absent-minded ski lodge bellhop and Stan playing an asshole ski-jock. Corddry's likely playing Cusack's character's best friend or something. Whoever he's playing, it's likely he'll be pretty damn awesome. Caplan can currently be seen catering to the rich and famous in Starz' original comedy "Party Down" and will next be seen in the drama THE LAST RITES OF RANSOM PRIDE.

Lizzy Caplan

Extra Tidbit: How the hell did the producers of "True Blood" manage to convince Caplan to whip out her [Warning: NSFW!] perfect breasts?
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