Captain America has a Bucky: Sebastian Stan

After much drama, debate, deliberation and delay, Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICA finally found someone to wear the shield in Chris Evans. And now the star-spangled hero has found his comrade-in-arms Bucky, who'll be played by Sebastian Stan. 

Probably best known for his appearances on "Gossip Girl" (but also great in the short-lived series "Kings"), Stan previously tested to wear the forehead A, but his Romanian heritage apparently would've been a sticking point to play the all-American super soldier. Guess it's not an issue for Bucky Barnes! Also apparently not a problem is the age difference -- while the Bucky comic character is Cap's "kid sidekick", Stan is only two years younger than star Chris Evans.

In director Joe Johnston's movie, Bucky joins Cap in his WWII mission to defeat the Nazis and arch rival the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving?), alongside a multinational group of allies known as the Invaders.

Stan (who also appears in HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and Darren Aronofsky's upcoming THE BLACK SWAN) reportedly signed Marvel's usual deal for numerous potential sequels, which means that the character could conceivably follow his recent comic path, returning in the present day as the brainwashed Winter Soldier.

Extra Tidbit: As the villain in Renny Harlin's man-witch movie THE COVENANT, Stan actually tells his rival "I'm going to make you my wee-yotch!"
Source: Heat Vision



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