Captain EO makes its return to Disneyland today

For nostalgics, fans of the King of Pop, and realistically, people in the Los Angeles area willing to pay the outlandish price of admission, the 1986 3D oddity from director Francis Ford Coppola CAPTAIN EO will be returning to Disneyland today.

The musical short film, making a comeback largely due to popular demand stemming from Michael Jackson's death, as well as the positive fan reception of THIS IS IT, will be replacing the old HONEY, I SHRUNK THE AUDIENCE! show that's been running at the theme park since 1998 (which incidentally replaced CAPTAIN EO the first time around). The short will be exhibited in 70mm format with newly touched up audio, though it's said that many of the original theater effects such as lasers and smoke will not be returning. Will the old pink, headache-inducing 3D shades be back as well? Or have they upgraded to the newer 3D tech? None of that is elaborated on, so I guess you'll just have to go and see for yourself.

Extra Tidbit: CAPTAIN EO boasts a few big names on the creative end: George Lucas who executive produced and came up with the name "Captain EO", the aforementioned Coppola as director, and James Horner on scoring duties. The film starred Anjelica Huston as "The Supreme Leader".
Source: THR



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