Carell gets dumped

Steve Carell is making a career out of playing lovelorn saps; romantics who are clueless when it comes to romance. His now legendary portrayal of Michael Scott on NBC's "The Office" is perhaps the quintessential example of such dudes, and his film roles clearly play off of the persona that he's carefully created.

Next up for Mr. Carell is DUMPED, a comedy based on the novel by Andrew Gottlieb in which Carell will play a man looking for meaning in his life after his wife suddenly files for divorce. Industry veteran Vic Levin will adapt the script; one of many potential comedies percolating at Carell's Carousel Productions ever since he hooked up a first-look deal deal with Warner Brothers. With DATE NIGHT on the way--co-starring Tina Fey--and HI-T in development, Carell is well on his way to becoming the next Will Ferrell. Now all he needs is a six-pack and a cocaine habit and he can be Colin Farrell too!
Extra Tidbit: Steve Carell provided the voice of Gary on "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" cartoons on "Saturday Night Live".
Source: Variety



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