Carell in for Cohen?

Sacha Baron Cohen has been attached to the DreamWorks comedy DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS since 2003 but now, as the project finally looks to hit the fasttrack, he may be excusing himself from the table. Variety is reporting that Steve Carell is in talks to replace Cohen in the film who is leaving for unknown (at least to us) reasons. DreamWorks has placed SCHMUCKS at the top of a shortlist of movies that they're looking to get into production ASAP. Jay Roach, who had been developing SCHMUCKS with Cohen, is also in talks to officially sign on to direct the film. SCHMUCKS is a remake of the French comedy LE DINER DE CONS about a dinner party where each of the attendees is challenged to bring the most obnoxious dinner guest possible. DreamWorks first picked up the remake rights to the film 10 years ago and has been struggling to make it ever since. It was expected to be Cohen's follow-up to BRUNO but it now seems like that won't happen (Cohen hasn't formally signed on for a post-BRUNO film). Carell has a number of films in the works including DATE NIGHT with Tina Fey and THE BEAVER. Roach hasn't directed a theatrical film since 2004's MEET THE FOCKERS.

Extra Tidbit: SCHMUCKS was rewritten by Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul who have worked with Carell on HORTON HEARS A WHO and the upcoming DESPICABLE ME.
Source: Variety



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