Carell on Anchorman 2

We brought you the news that Adam McKay and Will Ferrell wanted to make ANCHORMAN 2, a little while back, but that it was contingent on the rest of the cast agreeing to come back. Well today we have confirmation Steve Carell is up for it. Rejoice:

"Oh, absolutely... Yeah, in a second. I’ve heard some inklings as to what Adam McKay has in mind for a sequel, and it’s really funny." And perhaps best of all, he mentions that “Everybody’s a friend...That is one of the most fun things I ever did. I laughed until I cried, every day on that movie.”

I'm not lying when I say I already want to make love to this movie. Sweet love, like I would definitely take it out to a nice Italian restaurant, put on some Phil Collins in the car, and I'd wear cologne. I wouldn't even try to feel it up on the way home. What can I say, I'm a gentleman and my intentions are pure.
Extra Tidbit: Chris Parnell was originally mooted as a possibility to play Brick Tamland, Steve Carell's character.
Source: MTV



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