Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston hit the gas pedal in Drive

After spending the past year or so as the current indie "It Darling," Carey Mulligan is taking a leap into the world of studio action-thrillers with a starring role in the upcoming Universal film DRIVE. Mulligan and "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston have signed on to co-star with Ryan Gosling in the story of a Hollywood stuntman who works as a getaway driver on the side. After a bank heist goes wrong, he hits the road with an ex-con's girlfriend (Mulligan) by his side.

Also making the leap to studio filmmaking is Nicolas Winding Refn who made a splash last year with the gritty BRONSON. Normally I'd think a movie like DRIVE, with its fairly standard plot (I'm having flashbacks to that Charlie Sheen/Kristy Swanson movie THE CHASE) would be something I'd only half pay attention to but having Refn direct a cast that includes Oscar-nominees Gosling and Mulligan plus Emmy-winner Cranston makes me want to see this immediately.

Mulligan can be seen next in WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS and NEVER LET ME GO while Gosling recently wrapped CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE with Steve Carell. Filming on DRIVE is expected to begin later this month in LA.

Extra Tidbit: Does Carey Mulligan ever smile? I could find maybe two photos of her with an actual smile on her face.
Source: THR



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