Carey Mulligan getting classy for My Fair Lady

British actress Emma Thompson is currently writing an updated version of MY FAIR LADY, and recently let loose about who is taking on the titular role Eliza Doolittle, last played by Audrey Hepburn in 1964.

It’s none other than her AN EDUCATION co-star and Best Actress snub victim Carey Mulligan, who will play the flower girl who’s taught to be a lady by the cultured Henry Higgins. That role has yet to be cast, but Thompson says she’d love genre go-to favorite Hugh Grant to take on that role, and I have to imagine it’s something he’d be likely to accept if it was offered.

Mulligan and Grant could make for a very worthwhile musical, and my affinity for the actors might make me overcome my reluctance toward this type of movie that I would normally need to be dragged to. Mulligan really impressed me in EDUCATION, and I’m definitely curious to see what else she’s got. As for Hugh Grant? I’ll point you to this video below which sums up his awesomeness pretty well.


Extra Tidbit: I was convinced that Mulligan's character was going to end up murdered by the end of AN EDUCATION. Peter Sarsgaard creeps me out.
Source: BBC News



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