Carl Erik Rinsch's short film already kicked off a bidding war

Just yesterday we talked about "The Gift", a stunning sci-fi short film from Carl Erik Rinsch, a protege of Ridley and Tony Scott and commercial director for their company (you'll recall Rinsch was initially attached to helm the ALIEN prequel).

Plenty of others were apparently impressed by Rinsch's cryptic but intriguing film -- Heat Vision says several studios are now duking it out for the chance to turn Rinsch's piece into a feature-length production.

Warner Bros. and Fox are reportedly leading the pack, with speculation that Fox could have an edge thanks to Ridley's history with the studio going back to ALIEN. However, Rinsch is currently working with Universal on a remake of CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Whatever the case, it's a good bet that the story and seamless FX will get expanded into a full movie somewhere.

Check out the short here!

UPDATE: Slashfilm says that Rinsch has actually developed a feature film, and that studios are bidding on a package -- the short is essentially a tease for a project he has already written and designed on his own. They have lots more info and even some cool concept art, check it out here!

Extra Tidbit: Short films really can lead to something... time to get crackin'!
Source: Heat Vision



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