Carlyle knows you know

Who doesn't love the scene in TRAINSPOTTING, when Begbie recounts his story of the 'so-called hard c*nt' in the pool hall and sums it up by tossing a mug over his head and on to an unfortunate lady's head below? Sure, he hasn't exactly followed that up with major roles, but he's had a far from disappointing career. If nothing else, I thought he was great in THE 51ST STATE with Sam Jackson. I liked THE FULL MONTY too, but I'm not sure if that's just because it was filmed in the city where I grew up.

Anyway, he has signed on to his next project, which, no, is not PORNO. Nope, it's a little Welsh coming-of-age drama called I KNOW YOU KNOW. Carlyle will star opposite Ewen Bremner (TRAINSPOTTING) which will be nice, but what might be nicer is that Justin Kerrigan, the dude responsible for HUMAN TRAFFIC will be directing. Granted, I can't give an objective view of that flick, because even though I've seen it a ton of times, I've never once seen it sober. But I do have fond memories of it. I KNOW YOU KNOW will follow a boy who gets caught up in the espionage work of his dad.
Extra Tidbit: "People like Jim Jarmusch or Spike Jonze make the kind of American cinema that really interests me. And working with them has, so far, been the only thing I haven't been able to do. But other than that I'm perfectly happy with where I am." - Carlyle
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