Carnahan does A-Team

THE A-TEAM is suddenly the WTF-TEAM. The feature version of the 80s TV series has a new plan coming together that Hannibal ought to love.

Fox is rounding up an impressive cast to fill THE A-TEAM's new creative ranks: Joe Carnahan as director, Ridley Scott and Tony Scott as producers, and Skip Woods (HITMAN) as writer.

The studio originally had slotted a Summer 2009 release with John Singleton directing, but that came apart like Murdock off his meds. Fox is currently eyeballing a release date of June 11, 2010 for the latest attempt.

Carnahan has demonstrated an ability to handle wild action (SMOKIN' ACES) and compelling characters (NARC), let's hope he can blend the skills together in a satisfying manner. Having the Scotts steering the hastily constructed makeshift military vehicle (along with creator Stephen J. Cannell) might help.

In case you somehow didn't know, the original series followed a team of former Special Forces soldiers turned hired heroes who protect innocents for cold cash while constantly running from the authorities for "crimes they didn't commit".

Extra Tidbit: SMOKIN' star Ryan Reynolds for Templeton "Face" Peck?
Source: THR



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