Carnahan visits Lake

Joe Carnahan Just a couple of days ago, we were talking about how SMOKIN' ACES director Joe Carnahan had said on his recently activated blog (which has been updated with some nifty pics, by the way) that he was working on a film with Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Doug Wright which he'd hoped to direct before he went to work on the James Ellroy adaptation, WHITE JAZZ. Turns out that film is the Reese Witherspoon-starring mystery thriller BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING and he is, in fact, currently rewriting the script with Wright and will likely be getting started no later than mid-next year as JAZZ is scheduled to begin production in early 2008. Based on the 1965 Otto Preminger film of the same name, the story centers on a woman who reports her daughter, Bunny Lake, as missing but when the police investigate, they're hard-pressed to find evidence of Bunny's existence. Carnahan's ACES opens January 26th.

Extra Tidbit: Carnahan co-wrote the adaptation of WHITE JAZZ with his brother Matthew.
Source: Variety



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