Carnahan's scripts!

Well a little while ago, Joe Carnahan posted the shooting scripts for both of his upcoming movies, WHITE JAZZ and KILLING PABLO. Now the scripts have been removed from his website, but you can grab a look at them over at the JoBlo.com scripts section, right over HERE! Carnahan has been getting a little stress for his informative blogging, which is a pity because it's nice to see the thoughts and happenings of someone as prominent in the industry as he is. The whole blog thing seems to me to be working wonders, even for slightly less popular films, such as Rob Cohen's third MUMMY film. As we know, George Clooney recently dropped out and Chris Pine opted out (in favor of a little STAR TREK reboot) of WHITE JAZZ, while KILLING PABLO seems to be casting nicely with Javier Bardem set to play Mr. Escobar and the awesome Christian Bale suiting up to play the man hunting him.
Extra Tidbit: Apparently Chris Pine has been promised a role in KILLING PABLO.
Source: JoBlo.com



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