Carrey a gay convict?

Jim Carrey has signed on to star in the upcoming comedy I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS from the creators of BAD SANTA. The film will star Carrey in the true story of a married father whose frequent brushes with the law lands him in jail. There he falls in love with his cellmate and once his partner is paroled he frequently attempts escape to be with him. The script was written by SANTA's Glenn Ficarra and John Requa who will make their directing debut on the project. Producers describe the film as a mix between CATCH MEN IF YOU CAN and BAD SANTA. Carrey is taking a pay cut to work on the film as the entire budget is expected to be less than the actor's normal salary ($20 million). While it may not be Carrey's next film, it is competing with BELIEVE IT OR NOT!, the Tim Burton directed film at Paramount. Carrey is hoping to do back-to-back films with this film and BELIEVE IT the top two candidates. Carrey hasn't appeared in a comedy in four years (BRUCE ALMIGHTY) and has been itching to get back in the game. His last comedy, USED GUYS with Ben Stiller, was aborted just weeks before filming was scheduled to begin.

Extra Tidbit: Find out more about the movie's real-life subject Steven Russell.
Source: Variety



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