Carrey as Scrooge!

I was surprised when I saw BOLT in theaters and didn't see a teaser trailer for Disney's A CHRISTMAS CAROL. It was holiday time and BOLT was showing in 3D allowing them to show a 3D trailer for the film. But there was nothing. I'm guessing now that the first teaser will either be with CORALINE (though I doubt it) or MONSTERS VS. ALIENS. Of course Disney might just wait until UP hits theaters in May. But it looks like some footage was shown somewhere. A screencap has popped up online showing Jim Carrey fully mocap rendered as Ebenezer Scrooge.

So far it looks pretty good though to me, the key to mocap is motion. You could look at a still from BEOWULF and be impressed but the actual motion during the movie disappointed me somewhat. This looks like someone was able to see an early teaser or trailer for the movie and took a picture with a camera because if you jack the brightness of the image up all the way, you can see the reflection of someone wearing a polo shirt with a white undershirt (someone who will probably be fired very soon). Regardless of how it leaked, it leaked and hopefully we get some more goods from A CHRISTMAS CAROL soon...

Extra Tidbit: Doesn't look much like Carrey does it?
Source: Filmz.ru



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