Carrey bungee jumps!

It’s moments like these that get me extra excited about being a writer on this site. I’ve already sent the following video to a few friends, and now, in writing this article, I get to send it to thousands more (awwww!). Jim Carrey is just wrapping up his latest comedy YES MAN, and when it came time to shoot a bungee jump scene, Carrey shooed away his stuntman and insisted on doing the stunt himself. So what you’re about to see is Jim Carrey leaping of a fu*cking bridge in Pasadena. If you don’t already know, I won’t tell you what the film is about, because Jimmy does that for you post-jump. Has anyone ever bungee jumped? It looks like Carrey’s body made a wild twist right before the bounce-back. It was violent looking, but he was all-smiles after. I’d describe this video as ‘feel good.’ Now that it’s over, I ‘feel bad’, again. Check it out HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Hilary Banks' fiancee Trevor died in a bungee jumping accident.
Source: Comingsoon.net



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