Carrey likes Beaver?

Kyle Killen's script for THE BEAVER generated a lot of buzz late last year when it shot to the top of The Black List, a list of the best unproduced screenplays. The story of a man who keeps a beaver puppet on his hand and treats it like an actual person, THE BEAVER began making the rounds and quickly had Steve Carell attached to star. But now Carell has dropped out of the starring role for unknown reasons. Luckily the project has its fair share of supporters and Jim Carrey is the latest A-list comedy star to attach himself to the script. The Hollywood Reporter says that Carrey loves the script and the producers really want Carrey but the deal won't be signed until a director comes onboard. One director that's apparently eyeballing the film is Jodie Foster. While I appreciate her legacy as an actress, she hasn't directed a film in over 12 years. What about Jody Hill? He might not be too keen on directing a film he didn't have a hand in writing but it might be worth a shot...

Extra Tidbit: Carrey's currently stuffing his face with ice cream and doughnuts to gain weight for THE THREE STOOGES.
Source: THR



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